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Evidence Everywhere


There’s a billboard on I-10 outside of L.A. that grabbed my eye when I drove by. I was on a road trip from the Arizona high desert to the ocean, to get my fix. I longed for the sea with its limitless horizon. Every now and again I need to be immersed in my boundless existence.

Which brings me to the billboard, announcing in behemothic letters beneath a photo of a tiny infant: THERE IS EVIDENCE FOR GOD.

Now why would anyone need to advertise that? It’s such a DUH! An obvious given, I thought. But then, clearly it’s not obvious to everybody. So maybe we do need to start advertising God on giant billboards. You know, as a reminder of who we really are. And what’s really real. That way, when we take a look around us we'll see evidence for God everywhere.

Often when we least expect it, too. Like the time I was stranded on the road in the dead of night after my car died and a stranger stopped to help me out…who just happened to be a Volvo mechanic. Or when I was in the throes of the worst meltdown of my life and my girlfriends called every day or came by to check on me, offering compassion and food. Or the year my IRS audit resulted in a hefty refund. Or when the tumors were benign. You know, stuff like that.

I’m sure you can think of numerous events of kindness, provision, answered prayer, unexpected gifts, loving connections with others that have happened in your life, seemingly out of the blue. I wonder what would occur if, starting in elementary school, we were required to keep a running log of such incidents. Imagine the evidence we’d have by the time we graduated—and what this could mean for our planet, for all mankind!

Sure, the billboard could’ve been sponsored by Planned Parenthood. Or maybe a Christian anti-abortion group. But I like to think it was an announcement made by folks like you and me. Folks whose eyes are being opened to the truth of who we ALL are. Folks who desire to be the evidence of God’s love, which happens to be everywhere...if we choose to see it.

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