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Geraldine Cantrell

As a licensed psychotherapist, Geraldine (Deenie) Cantrell's insight into the realms of the human heart inspires us to discover our true selves. Specializing in trauma and abuse recovery for over 30 years, she has worked with individuals and families in need of healing on the deepest levels. “Realizing who you truly are is to discover the transforming power of love,” she states. "This is the beginning of self-empowerment."


In addition to her career in clinical counseling, Deenie is also an award-winning writer and artist. Often integrating creative expression with therapeutic modalities in her private practice, she finds both writing and art to be highly effective means of accessing the healing power of the sub-conscious. Having first-hand experience in rising above traumatic circumstances, she reveals, “My creativity has been a saving grace throughout my life."  


It is Deenie's belief that we're all here to discover our unlimited possibilities and expand our capacity to love. Assisting others on this journey has been her mission as well as her motivation for writing Natural Disasters, A Love Story, her novel of love lost and found. Coming next: The Gertrude Tree,* her memoir and winner of an Editor's Choice Award at the SDSU 25th Annual Writers Conference. 




You can view Deenie's art by clicking on the "Art"

tab above. You'll also find Deenie on Facebook at 




* Originally titled: Eating Cake        

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