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Natural Disasters, A Love Story

1) What do you think of Maggie’s reaction to the flood? How does she handle negativity and self-defeating thoughts? What are the benefits of knowing that your external environment doesn’t have to dictate your inner condition?

2) According to her doctor, Maggie’s mastitis has been brought on by stress. What are the implications of her infection being so close to her heart?

3) In Chapter 7, what arguments could be made regarding Finn’s viewpoint that sexual chemistry can make friendship impossible?  

4) During Maggie and Finn’s meeting at Starbucks, the question arises: how do we surrender the things of youth without giving up our dreams? What are some of the ways you'd like to grow old gracefully? 

5) Over lunch with Finn, in Chapter 10, Maggie mentions that holding on to resentment only poisons oneself. How do you handle your resentments? Is this working for you?

6) While hiking in Sycamore Canyon, Maggie shares more about her upbringing with Finn. Have you ever been judged for what you have rather than by who you are? Can you see any good benefit in making divisive comparisons?

7) In Chapter 15, Finn is thankful his parenting days are over. Maggie is of the mind that they’re never really over. What’s your position? 

8) Chloe is very tuned into her mother, which raises the question: how much do we share with our children about ourselves? How do we maintain wholesome boundaries without overprotecting them or being too lenient regarding their need to know?

9) How do you feel about Maggie’s conversation with Candace on becoming "a basket case"? Does it irritate you to view depression as a pity party? If so, how so?

10) Can there really be a gold nugget in every manure pile like Maggie believes? I'll bet you can recall an unfortunate event in which you ultimately discovered something to be grateful for. Do you see it as a gift now?

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