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Truths in Novel Form…

I'm often asked why, as a therapist, I chose to write a novel rather than a non-fiction or self-help book. My response is that sometimes lessons are easier to swallow when conveyed in a story.

Early on in my career I learned to circumnavigate the defense mechanisms of my clients by going in "the side door" as I call it.

To make a counselee's painful realities easier to accept, sometimes I'd disclose frightening or humiliating events in my own life.

For example I might be working with someone with panic disorder who has repressed traumatic memories. Rather than aim straight for their heart issues, I might disclose how I handled my own trauma in order to present them possibilities for their own healing.

Choosing to write a novel instead of a non-fiction book has given me the chance to come in "the side door" of readers' hearts. Entertaining people in a compelling way while imparting universal truths can expand their personal growth. And if my book can illuminate one person's journey toward love, I'll consider myself blessed.

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