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The Hidden Gifts in Misfortune...

...or "golden nuggets," as protagonist Maggie Chisholm calls them. "We can usually find something to be grateful for if we squint long enough at a situation," she says, in Natural Disasters, A Love Story.

As a psychotherapist, I'm always looking for the gifts enveloped in the midst of apparent calamity.

One of the major gifts is that of self-discovery. Opportunities for personal growth and the shedding of old programs abound in unfortunate events. We get to find out what we're made of, how brave and resilient we are, our amazing capacity to rise above our circumstances.

It's often through adversity that we can learn to forgive, appreciate, and love ourselves and others better. These hidden gifts were some of the golden nuggets Maggie uncovered on her unforeseen journey toward love.

And her journey can illuminate ours if we're willing to take a look.

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