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Stepping Stones

Let me be your stepping stone

If your love I cannot be

To help you ford the streams of life

When sure footing you cannot see

An open heart, a hand outstretched

To steady you when you slip

A conscious voice expressing truth

If perchance you lose your grip.

Let me be your stepping stone

When the current is too swift

A safe mooring for your soul

Where your mind may gently drift

To timeless dreams and longings

N’er surrendered, way past due

Forging this connection

We’ve been destined to pursue.

Let me be your stepping stone

For so you are to me

The spirit I have hungered for

My knight, my jubilee

An unexpected stranger

That grasped the chasms of my heart

An intimacy summoned

My yearned-for counterpart.

So at day’s end when the eddies calm

And we’ve crossed the churning deep

Mirrored on still waters

Are reflections we will keep

Of the steps leading homeward

We helped each other take

Despite so high a price

For the love we must forsake.

G.F. Cantrell

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