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2017 New Apple Literary Award  
Cross Genre Category
2019 Reader's Favorite
Honorable Mention  
 Fiction - Inspirational Category

A Journey Toward Self-Empowerment

Disasters aren't always what they seem...



A Love Story


When a hundred-year flood ravages the picturesque town of Sedona, Arizona, two people come together to find their lives transformed in unexpected ways. Maggie, a therapist, is good at overhauling everyone’s psyche but her own and Finn, a local businessman, is adept at ignoring his heart—until he meets Maggie.

Smart, sexy, funny, honest, Natural Disasters is the compelling account of one woman’s struggle to love in spite of herself. Told from Maggie and Finn’s separate points of view, their journey is ripe with longing, passion, duplicity, and self-discovery.

Sweeping readers along on a current of desire, this is a story about choices, illusions, and coming home to oneself, ultimately leading to the love for which every soul yearns.

See What People Are Saying About Natural Disasters, A Love Story:

"A sexy, voyeuristic, bittersweet love story! So descriptive that I felt like I watched rather than read it. Maggie's intimate story can only be shared with a very close friend or a therapist. I highly recommend it for personal adventure and the deeper look."

- Ginger

"Loved it!  A terrific read, a real page turner! I hadn't heard of this author before, but I hope she puts out another one soon. The characters were so real, it felt like I knew them. I was engrossed in their lives. And the sex - steamy!" - pado

"So very worth reading…put me in a free fall connection and understanding of myself that was priceless. I couldn't put it down. The after thoughts I'll ponder for some time." - Kindle Customer

"Excellent read! So many profound messages from beginning to end. Very entertaining and wise!" - Michelle Kolenc Henghold

"…a fun, delightful read that tackles the love triangle angle in a unique fashion…our protagonist does something remarkable...begins a journey of discovering her own value and how it can contribute towards a healthy relationship. Themes of passion, loyalty, and trust are touched upon without being over handed. Its ability to keep the light touch is its real charm."


"Loved it! I found it engrossing from beginning to end, and the characters felt so real, I didn't want it to end!...clever, witty, introspective and so easy to relate to." - Linda Goins

"A delightful surprise: a light, humorous romance with a few surprising claws combined with positive spiritual lessons. The author examines romantic love, difficult relationships, yearnings twisted through unconscious needs of inner wounds, and the growth that can occur when willing to look deep within.” –Irene Allison

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