Under the Grand Piano

Under the grand piano

The safest place in the house

Tucked in a dark corner

I’m silent as a mouse.

Fingers stuffed in my ears

Muffling the shrieks and screams

I can leave behind my body

And go to a world of dreams.

Curled up in this secret place

Nothing can touch me here

No mean words, kicks or blows

For I can disappear.

No one knows I’m hiding

From the pain and fright

Not even my little sister

Who’s sick in bed tonight.

They say in Sunday school

God takes our hurt away

So I try to be a good girl

Mind my manners and obey.

I pray for different parents,

Who are like they’re s’posed to be

But I don’t think God’s listening

Because…it’s only me.

Why help a child like me

When all I do is wrong?

I’m told I’m bad and no good thing

Ever comes to those who mourn.

I’m going to float away now

To my safe place of dreams

It's sure better than staying here

Where nothing’s what it seems.

G.F.C. 7/7/17

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