July 23, 2017

There’s a billboard on I-10 outside of L.A. that grabbed my eye when I drove by. I was on a road trip from the Arizona high desert to the ocean, to get my fix. I longed for the sea with its limitless horizon. Every now and again I need to be immersed in my boundless existence.

Which brings me to the billboard, announcing in behemothic letters beneath a photo of a tiny infant: THERE IS EVIDENCE FOR...

July 14, 2017

Under the grand piano

The safest place in the house

Tucked in a dark corner

I’m silent as a mouse.

Fingers stuffed in my ears

Muffling the shrieks and screams

I can leave behind my body 

And go to a world of dreams.

Curled up in this secret place

Nothing can touch me here

No mean words, kicks or blows

For I can disappear.

No one knows I’m hiding

From the pain and fright

Not even my little sister

Who’s sick in b...

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