September 2, 2018


Spaces in between us

Are but salt for fate’s repast

As the compass of our hearts

Aligns with love at last.

There is no separation

Even though we are apart

As oneness knows no distance

No time, no stop, nor start.

We shall not lose our way

To fulfillment of this dream

When our spirits are enjoined

By a fabric without seam.

The cloth’s spread o’er the table

So come, partake with me

Of this banquet...

April 23, 2018


Go ahead, flaunt your glory.

You’ve earned the moment, after all

So many months of fallow,

Empty bough and pallid hue

Aren’t who you are

So throw off all constraint –

You were meant to be brazen.

The long sleep is over; freedom grins

And crooks its finger, “Come on!...

August 21, 2017


We don’t see things as they are,

we see them as we are.

                                       - Anais Nin

Ever notice the way your external environment often mirrors your internal one? Like when you're frustrated you're running late for an appointment and nearly every traffic light is red? Then,...

July 23, 2017

There’s a billboard on I-10 outside of L.A. that grabbed my eye when I drove by. I was on a road trip from the Arizona high desert to the ocean, to get my fix. I longed for the sea with its limitless horizon. Every now and again I need to be immersed in my boundless existence.

Which brings me to the billboard, announcing in behemothic letters beneath a photo of a tiny infant: THERE IS EVIDENCE FOR...

July 14, 2017

Under the grand piano

The safest place in the house

Tucked in a dark corner

I’m silent as a mouse.

Fingers stuffed in my ears

Muffling the shrieks and screams

I can leave behind my body 

And go to a world of dreams.

Curled up in this secret place

Nothing can touch me here

No mean words, kicks or blows

For I can disappear.

No one knows I’m hiding

From the pain and fright

Not even my little sister

Who’s sick in b...

November 18, 2016

No longer soaring

Summer's reached her zenith,


And now is caught

In the immortal wane

Which casts over these woods

It's veil of fermentation

And farewell.

Weary greenery

Bored now of encroachment

Dons flavescent mien,

Less fervid the cicada song

And shadows crouch cooler—

Subtle portents

I see with sadness

Yet know I must accept.

At forest's edge

I note a gnarled, old pine

Tall against gilded sky


June 17, 2016

Let me be your stepping stone

If your love I cannot be

To help you ford the streams of life

When sure footing you cannot see

An open heart, a hand outstretched

To steady you when you slip

A conscious voice expressing truth

If perchance you lose your grip.

Let me be your stepping stone

When the current is too swift

A safe mooring for your soul

Where your mind may gently drift

To timeless dreams and longings


June 1, 2016

Nary a wink in the cosmic eye
Though we pace ourselves against the sky
Living in tandem with stars on a course
Elliptically moved by mysterious force
Affixed in time with orderly right
We make proper end of day or night
While constellations ripple 'round in space
Giving finite meaning to our endless race
For reasons and truths too far beyond
Our self-imposed terrestrial bonds.

Dimensions confine...