The "Golden Nuggets" of My Self-Publishing Experience...

People often ask me whether writing my book has been therapeutic - and I answer, "No…but the publishing process sure has been." You've probably heard a dozen times that writing a book is easy compared to getting it published. Whether you choose the traditional publishing route or the self-publishing path, both avenues require boatloads of work, which, for us creative types can be fraught with anxiety. We'd much rather be creating than promoting our work. Nevertheless, it was time to launch my book and I felt completely out of my element and unprepared. There are a lot of myths out there about self-publishing. One of the biggest is that we have complete control over our book. I'm here to tel

Truths in Novel Form…

I'm often asked why, as a therapist, I chose to write a novel rather than a non-fiction or self-help book. My response is that sometimes lessons are easier to swallow when conveyed in a story. Early on in my career I learned to circumnavigate the defense mechanisms of my clients by going in "the side door" as I call it. To make a counselee's painful realities easier to accept, sometimes I'd disclose frightening or humiliating events in my own life. For example I might be working with someone with panic disorder who has repressed traumatic memories. Rather than aim straight for their heart issues, I might disclose how I handled my own trauma in order to present them possibilities for their ow

Embracing What Is…

For me, a good novel is an exploration that expands our self-awareness. It's also an escape from our daily dramas and unrealized dreams, even allowing us to see reality differently. And in the intense reality of this election year, a compelling novel can even help us surrender mindsets that no longer serve us. In Natural Disasters, A Love Story, the protagonist Maggie Chisholm had to let go of who she thought she was in order to embrace her true self . It's my hope that readers will discover more about themselves through Maggie's experiences. For when we start accepting the reality we've created for ourselves by our choices, we can abide in the reality of what is and start making better choi

The Hidden Gifts in Misfortune...

...or "golden nuggets," as protagonist Maggie Chisholm calls them. "We can usually find something to be grateful for if we squint long enough at a situation," she says, in Natural Disasters, A Love Story. As a psychotherapist, I'm always looking for the gifts enveloped in the midst of apparent calamity. One of the major gifts is that of self-discovery. Opportunities for personal growth and the shedding of old programs abound in unfortunate events. We get to find out what we're made of, how brave and resilient we are, our amazing capacity to rise above our circumstances. It's often through adversity that we can learn to forgive, appreciate, and love ourselves and others better. These hidden g

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