Stepping Stones

Let me be your stepping stone If your love I cannot be To help you ford the streams of life When sure footing you cannot see An open heart, a hand outstretched To steady you when you slip A conscious voice expressing truth If perchance you lose your grip. Let me be your stepping stone When the current is too swift A safe mooring for your soul Where your mind may gently drift To timeless dreams and longings N’er surrendered, way past due Forging this connection We’ve been destined to pursue. Let me be your stepping stone For so you are to me The spirit I have hungered for My knight, my jubilee An unexpected stranger That grasped the chasms of my heart An intimacy summoned My yearned-for count

Out Beyond...

Nary a wink in the cosmic eye Though we pace ourselves against the sky Living in tandem with stars on a course Elliptically moved by mysterious force Affixed in time with orderly right We make proper end of day or night While constellations ripple 'round in space Giving finite meaning to our endless race For reasons and truths too far beyond Our self-imposed terrestrial bonds. Dimensions confined, is it not unique We deliberately limit that which we seek? G.F.C. 5/9/81

High Mass for a Dead Mouse

Wiley, hush-pawed hunter Haunch sprung at meadow’s edge Gauging grassy phrases For the instant of kill Crouched, calico-coiled Whiskers tensed, attuned Stalking life on death’s account - The challenge of essence. A fleet arc through air Grace-born pounce, the tussle Keen-clawed and quick Triumph again Supplanting ardor Sleek emergence from the fray Between tabby teeth The limp chalice of prey Another well-dispatched catch On the altar of my doorstep - Ritual rodent remains Offered up without hymn. G.F.C.

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