A wooden sign nailed to a tree Warped and weathered to such degree It bears no message to passersby Of what was said, by whom or why. Its paint long faded and peeled away There’s nothing now it can convey As it stares out on this country lane For reasons it cannot explain To this lone trav’ler journeying by Tho’ it did manage to catch my eye And offer reflection oh so clear On why God chose to put me here. A wooden sign nailed to a tree Now unburdened to such degree It’s message to all passersby Is one no words can signify. G.F.C. 7/22/08

Luna de Miel

Come, get inside my head Lover mine. You get into every other part of me Now try between my whys, Whens and wherefores Which make me up, inside and out And beside myself. So much to choose from, I know But you won’t lose your way Expert that you are At nooks and crevices And secret aisles No one else has charted. Come, conquer what’s within So this part that is so many me’s Can’t live without you either. G.F.C. 5/17/85 (just past Richmond, heading south)

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